Holy shit, they solved CSS.

The Culture Clash

Required reading for dog owners. Fascinating, funny, practical guide to behaviorism.

Bob's Red Mill Muesli

Or as we call it in our house, Bob’s Moulin Rouge. Probably 60% of my diet.

Aphex Twin

The best kind of artist. A unique master craftsman, a mysterious mythical figure, a genius composer. Possibly an alien.

Lip Trip

Low key the world’s greatest lip balm.

Wede Harer Guzo

Strange, beautiful music that captures a wistful happiness.


Masterful design rescues email from decades of ossified ideas. A true solution to email hell.

Buddy's Burrito Bar

Perfect neighborhood taqueria & grill in Carroll Gardens.

Zhenjiang Vinegar

Shanghainese black rice vinegar.

Longmont Potion Castle

Anonymous artist of surrealist prank phone calls, active for 40 years. Enjoyment requires seeing the difference between deliberately dumb and actually stupid.

VHB Tape

“Very High Bond”. Stick anything to anything permanently. Remove it without damage when you change your mind.


A masterpiece produced in a hospital deathbed. Transcends the sum of its samples.


My most-used app. Perfect interaction design that has weathered a decade of app fads unchanged, and good typography to boot. The only way to read RSS.

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking

A powerful manual for behavior change that feels like a magic trick.

Barter 6

Thugger is a true innovator as a vocalist. Also possibly an alien.

88% Dark Chocolate

Excellent chocolate for a good cause. Cheaper per gram and more generous than the other fancy brands.


The only notetaking app that understands that a brain is shaped like a tree, not a filing cabinet.

On Writing Well

A writing guide with broader applicability to living life.