Leading product design for the builder of America's first car-free neighborhood.

Culdesac is the only real estate developer in America that builds walkable neighborhoods. In Fall 2021, I became the company's first full-time product designer.

Important parts of life at Culdesac are mediated by software. That's my primary jurisdiction, but the nature of the work always extends beyond the screen.

Much of my work is under wraps until Culdesac Tempe opens in 2023.

Until then, here's a bit of what I've done.

Little Cholla is a seasonal popup event that draws Phoenecians to the Culdesac site with food trucks, vendors, music, and discounts for showing up on a bike.

My first project at Culdesac was a quick brand for this event.

Inspired by the eponymous cactus, I put together illustrations, colors, a logo, and some templates and guidelines. Our marketing team turned these into environmental graphics, social media, signage, and swag.

Shirts for Culdesac Hack Week 2022.

I collaborated with my buddy and skilled calligrapher Alex Savard.

Alex did the initial sketch, and I turned it into the final illustration.