Psychedelic Graphic Design

Volunteer design work for MAPS and other organizations supporting psychedelic research and sensible policy.


These projects were volunteer design work for MAPS, the world's leading organization in psychedelic research.


A whole bunch ideas for stickers, buttons and patches to be used as promotional giveaways at MAPS conferences and events.

This image, and the following 5, are various designs for circular stickers bearing the words "Support Psychedelic Science."

Conference Identity

Visual identity concepts for MAPS' triennial Psychedelic Science Conference, where scientists from top hospitals and universities present the latest research.

These are the visuals MAPS used for prior conferences. I developed these ideas in a few new directions.

These three sets of posters each propose a different visual evolution of the "Psychedelic Science" idea.

Two proposals for website designs for the Psychedelic Science conference.

Social Media Campaign

Promoting MAPS' "Global Psychedelic Dinners". The fundraisers supported research on MDMA as a treatment for PTSD.

I came up with the campaign idea, wrote the copy, and made the graphics. MAPS ran the images on its Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Event Poster

Quick-turnaround poster for a MAPS workshop on "trauma and reintegration" at University of Southern California.

Psychedelic Seminars

These projects helped Psychedelic Seminars, a California nonprofit that hosts discussions and events to foster connections among the psychedelic community.

Conference brand

Visual identity and fundraising material for Mycelia, an "unconference" named for the rootlike threads that connect fungal networks.

The logo I drew for Mycelia.


Posters for a series of talks held in response to the Black Lives Matter protests in the summer of 2020.

Center for Optimal Living

Brand concepts for the Center for Optimal Living, an NYC-based harm reduction therapy practice.

The first concept is all about the "spark" — trustworthy, inspiring, and fresh.

The second concept is about integrating multiple perspectives, and draws on Cubism. It’s unusual, but warm and empathetic. And it was fun to cut out all those little paper shapes.