Trump Censor

In 2017, I made a browser extension that found the Internet's most offensive name and face, on any site, and pixellated them out. I also made a brand, FDT Industries, and promoted the project on Twitter.

Try it

My browser plugin used face and text recognition to find and censor the offending content on any page. This demo shows the effect without installing the plugin. The images are pulled live from Google Images and censored on a server. Text censoring happens on the client.


The website I threw together for the project. I called the plugin T-Chip before renaming it to Trump Censor.

A promo clip I made to spread the plugin on Twitter and the Chrome Extensions Gallery.

I'm very, very pleased with the "FDT" logo. It's got the goofy 80's-TV vibe I was after, and it conveys its meaning, which is definitely "Fortify Democracy Together".

The "FDT" logo I designed.

A bunch of other FDT logo ideas that didn't work out.

The Twitter account I set up for the project.